healthy stomach initiative events

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Healthy Stomach Initiative Meeting on Oct 21, 2012

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I. Update on state of legal registration of H S I:

The Initiative has been registered with the German authorities as a non-forprofit
federation. In addition, the process of an upgraded registration to a nonfor-
profit-corporation is under way.

II. Formation of working groups / preparation of position paper:

There have been long discussions in Amsterdam about possible subdivisions
of the tasks and formation of collaborative working groups. After further
exchanges of ideas by DiMario, Hunt, Megraud and Malfertheiner (informal
meetings at the Bridging Meeting in Berlin and/or the Asian Pacific Dig Dis
Week in Bangkok) the following actions are now proposed and participation of
all initiative members is kindly requested. It is the key priority for the Healthy
Stomach Initiative to prepare the position papers:

a. Function of the healthy stomach

i. digestive, ii) metabolic, iii) regulatory

b. Functional gastric disorders
c. Gastric barrier function and drug toxicities
d. Gastric cancer and other H. pylori related pathologies


III. Definition of position papers:

• What is a healthy stomach? How to maintain a healthy stomach?
• What are dangers to the stomach?
• Barriers
• Infections


IV. Deadline of first draft:

→ deadline of first draft: 28. February 2013 – please submit your drafts to the
H. S. I office at: or Fax: +49-202-2572291

V. Creation of newsletter:

(short key reports of new data related to stomach – one for specialists,
one for public) – Please send in your suggestions. First newsletter scheduled for
Mar – Jun 2013.

VI. Upcoming meetings & events:

→ next meetings: DDW, UEGW (details will be announced)
→ special event: EAGEN course in Treviso, June 2013

VII. Updates from Asian Pacific Digestive Disease Week:

On Dec 6th 2012 a Healthy Stomach Initiative symposium was held during the
APDDW in Bangkok. "How to keep a healthy stomach – East meets West".
Details will follow soon.